Popular Q/A site Quora launched in Bangla

The internet answers most questions an average person might have nowadays. And one of the most popular platforms for asking and answering said questions is Quora. The popularity of the question and answer website is evident from statistical data, as over 300 million users resort to the site for answers every month, for good reason too. Few other sites have such a massive and well-organized collection of queries answered on so many varied topics. The collection is about to become richer still, as Quora has been made available in Bangla.

Although a test launch for Quora in Bangla had gone online as early as December, the site has officially gone Bangla on January 16th.

This means any user at all can access Quora in Bangla with all the usual features of the site available as of now. CEO and Co-founder of Quora Adam D’Angelo has said that this step was taken to share the knowledge of the world with Bangladesh. Many Quora users are Bangla speakers, and this will serve to extend the knowledge of Bangla users in the world.

Quora Launched in Bangla

Quora was launched in 2009 and has since gathered a huge following. The assumption that it’s some random person answering questions online still stands. But it’s just that on Quora, these random people have occasionally been the likes of former US President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau among others.

Quora houses many experts, informed opinions on occasion. It is already available in five other South Asian languages. Thus, Quora being available in Bangla is nothing short of a great opportunity for Bangla speaking people around the world to better express opinions and ask more in-depth questions. It provides us with the opportunity to better explore the ocean of knowledge, on a familiar boat nonetheless.

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