Spider-Man is officially out of the MCU. Here's what the future holds

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know by now Spider-Man’s future in the MCU is looking bleak. Thanks to a deal gone wrong between Sony Pictures and Marvel bossman Kevin Feige, our favourite web-slinger is now officially out of the MCU, according to reliable sources.

The deal with Sony and Marvel

According to news, Sony will most likely continue making Spider-Man movies but they will not be produced by Marvel any more. Which means Marvel will have no creative authority over the movie and MCU tie ins are a closed chapter.

What will happen in MCU?

It’s unclear how the MCU will go forward filling in voids in its universe where Spider-Man used to exist. They could simply ignore it, showing Spider-Man has officially retired from his duties and is now focused on a normal life as Peter Parker. However, they probably will not be able to use the name Spider-Man or Peter Parker, thanks to legal rights issues. (Remember X-Men?) But if Happy Hogan mentions a certain “Kid”, we’ll understand that reference.

Another reboot?

As for Spider-Man himself, he will most likely get yet another reboot. That means a new cast and a new storyline. A new suit of course. It’s yet be decided what actually happens to Spidey but let’s hope it’s not another reboot. Honestly, it’s getting tiring!

At the time of writing this article, it’s rumoured that Sony will probably renegotiate their deal again. Here’s to hoping Tom Holland gets to stay in that suit!

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