Mahjabin Haque: Another Bangladeshi woman at NASA

From childhood dreams to the stars, Mahjabin Haque has achieved to pursue her passion for NASA. Mahjabin Haque is going to be a software engineer at NASA’s US space research firm. She is a fresh graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Wayne State University.

A brave soul with a mission

According to Dhaka Tribune, Bengali communities throughout Michigan and many more are celebrating this success with great pride. While studying at Wayne State University, Mahjabin pursued an internship at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, for two terms. She mentioned that she had worked for two departments in the span of eight months and receive quite a lot of experience. She received offers from different companies across the world including NASA. However, her heart opts for NASA.


“Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to work at NASA.” mentions Mahjabin Haque herself to HiFi Public.

She participated in many curricular activities like dancing, singing and organizing events for BSA in her university. While working for NASA, she realized that they do not only look for academic success, rather they seek creativity and leadership strengths. She worked hard enough while enjoying her journey to her dreams.

Her advice to the youths who want to pursue their dreams would be not to only focus on grades, rather explore and dwell in different creative options to find what interests them the most.

In the world filled with different options to engage in, it is important for us to find what interests us the most. Instead of sticking to the good old academic books, let us explore our best and worst qualities to find who we can really become.

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